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Independent Directorships


With stakeholders demanding ever increasing board oversight, companies are facing more and more pressure to comply with corporate governance codes and best practices.

Against this backdrop, the role of Independent Director has evolved over the years and is now a profession in its own right. Independence is a key component to corporate governance and adds value to organisations. Independent directors provide an unbiased view, can challenge the decision-making process in a positive way and – because of their exposure to a wide variety of operational structures – add valuable insights into best practices.


Sound and effectively operating boards bring together a diversified set of skills and backgrounds. The appointment of the right independent director ensures a diverse board covering all necessary areas of expertise, seniority and experience.  


Our Expertise

OMEA Advisors principals act as Independent Director for a wide range of Luxembourg-based fund structures. We believe in delivering highly specialist and individualised directorship services, always considering our four pillars of excellence:

  • Expertise
    OMEA non-executive directors have in-depth knowledge of and years of experience in navigating the Luxembourg regulatory landscape and always adhere to the latest regulations and code of conduct standards.

  • Independence
    OMEA’s non-executive directors are truly independent, always interacting with service providers and managers at “arm’s length”, ensuring that investors’ interests are considered and that arrangements are made at market terms.

  • Local substance
    A Luxembourg resident independent director is a key element of local substance. OMEA’s non-executive directors are Luxembourg-based and provide a solid local anchor point. This allows for strong ties with the local financial industry, market actors and regulators.


  • Availability
    We consciously limit the number of mandates we accept allowing for high-quality deliverables, sufficient time dedicated to each mandate, timely responses to our clients’ needs and minimised potential for conflicts of interest.

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